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With over 15 years of hands-on experience working in the field as a Senior Software Engineer, Mr. Andrea Giammarchi has been specializing as a full-stack Web and Mobile Web Developer.

Best practices, adoption of modern standards, and first class performance on every target machine are just some of the reasons Andrea has been working for top world-class companies and teams such as , Facebook and NOKIA, on both Desktop and mostly on Mobile production's websites.

Formerly a Mobile Web and Performance Senior Software Engineer at:

JS, Web and Open Source

Andrea has been for a long time an active World Wide Web and JavaScript community contributor. He has been providing and pioneering Open Source Software and solutions through his blog, advocating best practices and performance advices.

Andrea has been the author of one of the very first JS cross-platform polyfill, he has recently created and is maintaining the famous twemoji libarry, and he is still developing and maintaining on different unobtrusive, cross-platform, standard libraries for the DOM, the server, and the Internet of Things.

Andrea is also an active contributor in the ECMAScript mailing list, the place where the standard behind JavaScript is defined and discussed together with members of TC39, a place where he has influenced few recent language choices.

Articles, Talks, and Workshops

Andrea started his path as a public speaker already in 2007, when he was invited to talk at one of the Ancona's Universities to discuss JavaScript patterns.

Since then, he has been invited to speak and eventually conduct workshops at Falsy Values, at Front Trends, at JSConf, at QCon, at DHTMLConf, at Yahoo!, and also at Google's Mountain View campus for the 2014 WebPerf Days. He has been talking about standard Custom Elements at Frontend Finland, he will be talking about modern ES6/ES2015 at infoShare 2015 and at the JS Open Day Microsoft event.

Andrea has been writing articles for perfplanet every year, and he keeps updating about the latest JavaScript and modern Web standards.

During all these years Andrea has matured his talking and teaching techniques, being professionally an external consultant for different companies, and also becoming a global reference for many Web and JavaScript oriented developers.


Andrea's JavaScript glossary on demand book is finally available!
Read its related post to know more about it.

JS glossary on demand

Andrea has also been a technical editor for some of the best sellers in the field, including O'Reilly JavaScript Patterns, Test-Drive JavaScript Development, JavaScript for PHP Developers.

He has been also mentioned or involved in the review of Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja, The Principles of Object-Oriented JavaScript, Exploring ES6, YDKJS book series and others best selling.

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